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Free Running Belt for Your Preview and Test

Since you've enrolled in our beta tester program, we extend a special invitation for you to assess the recently launched Toughito Airbelt Running Belt. We're offering you a complimentary testing unit, a privilege exclusive to our members participating in the beta tester initiative.

If you're interested in acquiring your complimentary testing unit, we've streamlined the process to be extremely straightforward. Simply adhere to the outlined steps, and you could have ownership within a matter of days.

  1. Utilize the SHOP BUTTON provided below to shop on Amazon as you normally would.

  2. You'll be directed to the respective product page on Amazon's platform.

  3. Proceed to make your purchase and payment just as you typically do.

  4. Relax while you await the arrival of your parcel at your doorstep.

  5. Upon receipt, open the package and begin enjoying the convenience of your Running Belt.

  6. Feel free to test it extensively according to your usual scenarios.

  7. Share your feedback and user experience by utilising the review button located next to your Amazon purchase or by using the FEEDBACK BUTTON provided below.

  8. Forward your Amazon Order ID and a screenshot of your feedback submission to

  9. We will cross-reference and validate your purchase (minus any promotional coupons applied), subsequently initiating a full refund of the total amount paid via the secure and reliable PAYPAL service, ensuring financial safety.

  10. It's important to note that you are fully covered by Amazon's established return and refund policy. Should you encounter any issues throughout this process, rest assured that you can simply proceed with a return through Amazon to receive a complete refund.

Now, Let's get the ball rolling

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